About the rides

We usually meet at 10.00am and start the ride at 10.15am but do take a look at the Spond ride list to make sure that times haven’t changed

Each ride takes around three hours. It may seem a long time but it goes surprisingly quickly. We have plenty of stops and a ‘banana break’ or a ‘tea shop break’ at the halfway point. We usually meet at a pub afterwards for a drink, maybe something to eat and a chat. Bring layers of clothing with you, especially in the winter.

Bring a drink such as water or an energy drink and a snack such as a banana or biscuits.

Please make sure you bring a spare inner tube. There will always be somebody to assist you if need be and if you have a mobile phone then bring that as well in case of emergencies.

Electric bike etiquette in a mixed group

The general principle for the electric bike rider is to try and be helpful and don’t do anything to negatively impact the enjoyment of acoustic riders (non-electric!).


  • Attempt to ride either just behind the leader or at the rear of the group to minimise impact to acoustic riders.
  • Volunteer to be back marker if required.
  • As requested by the leader go forward to open gates or hang back to close gates
  • Volunteer to go back or forward or anywhere else that may be required in the event of incidents, lost riders and/or the group splitting up for whatever reason.
  • If leading a mixed group on an electric bike identify an acoustic pacemaker to ensure pace is suitable for all riders.

Do not:

  • Power past the group on uphill sections but do maintain your position in the group and do keep out of the way of acoustic riders.