How to book a ride using Spond

We have chosen to use an App called Spond as our ride booking system, available on-line and on your smartphone. (see ).

There is a very comprehensive Help section on their web site so have a look if you want to know any more about how Spond works. You don’t need to spend any time on this to get started with using Spond.
Please note: Spond is free to use. You may see the occasional reference to “payments” in the app or on the Spond web site. This refers to options that we don’t use. There are NO payments associated with our use of Spond.
This enables us to publish a calendar of rides and to allow riders to book their place. If the ride becomes fully booked you will go on a waiting list and will be informed if a place becomes available.
In order for this to work it’s important that you don’t just turn up for a ride without booking. 
If you don’t “do” smartphones or computers, don’t worry – we have worked out a way round this. Contact Gwyn Williams ( if you need help.
Here is a detailed description of how the system works and what you need to do to register with Spond. You will then get your invitation in a day or two.
As a bike50 registered rider Gwyn will add you to the Spond group member list and send you an invitation to register with Spond as a member of the bike50 rides group. When registering there is an option to hide your contact information from other members.
Once you receive the invitation to join the Spond group:

  1. Follow the instructions in the email/SMS you received to accept the group invitation. Read more
  2. On mobile phones download the Spond app in App Store or Google Play Store
  3. On your computer (
  4. Register to create an account in the app – this will be your login details
  5. Log in to the app to see the group

If you are already a Spond user and you have the app, go to the groups tab and accept the group invitation.
If you don’t want to use the smartphone app, instead of downloading the app, go to the Spond web site at to register and log in.
(If you have been invited to a group but cannot see the group or group invitation when you log in, ask Gwyn Williams ( if he has added you with the same contact info as you registered with.)

Click on this link to see what the invitation will look like:

To register for a posted ride
Return to the Spond Home page by clicking on bike50 rides then click on Events. You will see a list of events which will be the same as the published ride calendar. In order to avoid all the rides getting booked up well in advance and to try and give everyone the opportunity to book a place, the invitation will only be sent at 9 am 3 days before the date of the ride. At that point you will be able to book a place on the ride. If the ride is fully booked you will be placed on a waiting list and if someone drops out you will be added on to the ride automatically and sent notification.